What is Ballot Access?

Definition and meaning of ballot access: Ballot access is the process by which candidates and political parties gain the right to have their names appear on the ballot in an election. This is an important factor in the political process, as it determines which candidates and parties are able to compete in an election and have their views heard by the public.

Unfortunately, ballot access can be a major obstacle for independent and third-party candidates, who often struggle to meet the requirements set by the two major parties. These requirements can include collecting a large number of petition signatures, paying high filing fees, and meeting other burdensome criteria.

This is especially true at the federal level, where the Democratic and Republican parties have a virtual monopoly on the electoral process. They use their control of the system to exclude competitors and maintain their dominance, which makes it difficult for independent and third party candidates to get their voices heard.

It's time for a change! We need a more open and inclusive electoral system that allows for a wider range of candidates and viewpoints. This means reforming the ballot access process to make it more accessible and fair for all candidates, regardless of their party affiliation. It's time to break free from the stranglehold of the two major parties and create a more vibrant and diverse democracy!


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