What is Board of Supervisors?

Definition and meaning of board of supervisors: A Board of Supervisors is an elected institution or body of representatives that have the authority to create and implement policy at the local or county level. In the United States, these boards typically consist of five members elected by districts within their county. Although traditionally a two-party system has been the norm in American politics, these local boards are increasingly becoming seen as a chance to break the traditional two-party system and elect independent candidates into office. The meaning of a Board of Supervisors is to provide a direct link between local citizens and the policy makers who have the power to shape their community. By voting for an independent candidate, citizens have an opportunity to have a voice in the decisions being made in their county and make sure that their interests are heard. In addition, these boards are able to provide the resources and oversight necessary to ensure that local services are meeting their needs. The Board of Supervisors can also be seen as a way to provide more accountability in government, as the members of the Board are accountable to their constituents and must answer to them when decisions are made. By electing independent candidates, citizens can ensure that their representatives are not beholden to a political party or special interest group and are instead accountable to the people of their county.


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