What is DINO?

Definition and meaning of DINO: DINO stands for “Democrat in Name Only.” It is a term used to describe a politician who affiliates with the Democratic Party, but whose policy positions and voting record often align more closely with those of the Republican Party. Examples of DINO politicians include those who oppose abortion rights, advocate for deregulation of businesses, and vote in favor of tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the wealthy. The term “DINO” is often used pejoratively to describe politicians who are seen as not authentically representing Democratic values and principles. This term is especially relevant in the current political climate, as the Democratic Party is increasingly advocating for progressive reforms, such as universal healthcare, a $15 minimum wage, and strong climate action. DINO politicians are often seen as a barrier to implementing much-needed reforms, as they are unwilling to support progressive legislation. As a result, these politicians are often criticized by progressive activists and organizations, who argue that they do not reflect the values of the Democratic Party.


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