What is District Attorney?

Definition and meaning of district attorney: A district attorney is an elected or appointed public official who is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases brought by a local government entity. The district attorney is typically the highest-ranking law enforcement official at the county or state level, and is the only person who has the legal authority to prosecute criminal acts in the area of their jurisdiction.

District attorneys are typically elected in partisan elections. However, reformers are advocating for more independent candidates and an end to the two-party system. District attorneys are independent public officials whose goal is to ensure that justice is served by prosecuting those who have committed criminal acts. They are responsible for making sure that all evidence is collected, that proper procedures are followed, and that justice is served in a fair and impartial manner. District attorneys are also responsible for providing legal advice to law enforcement officials, victims, witnesses, and other parties involved in criminal cases. District attorneys may also be called upon to provide legal advice to local governments and community organizations.


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