What is Dog-Whistle?

Definition and meaning of dog-whistle: A dog-whistle is a type of coded language that is used in political discourse in order to appeal to a specific demographic or group of people. It is often used by politicians to send a message to a certain group without being obvious to the general public. Dog-whistling is a form of subtle manipulation that exploits certain emotions and fears in order to gain support among certain demographics. An example of dog-whistling is when a politician speaks about “law and order” in a way that implies that certain members of a marginalized group are more likely to commit crimes. This type of language can be used to not only gain support from a certain demographic, but also to encourage animosity and tension between different groups. Dog-whistling is a form of coded language that is used to exploit certain divisions in society in order to gain political support. It is an insidious form of manipulation and can be damaging to social cohesion and progress. Therefore, it is important for reform-minded citizens to be aware of the tactics used by politicians in order to promote positive social change.


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