What is Eco-socialism?

Definition and meaning of eco-socialism: Eco-socialism is an ideology that seeks to combine environmental sustainability with economic and social justice. It is a reform-minded movement that challenges the current status quo of two-party politics and corporate-controlled economic systems. Eco-socialism seeks to create a society that is both ecologically and economically just, one in which the environment and marginalized communities are prioritized. It is an interdisciplinary approach that combines elements of both capitalism and socialism, focusing on the interconnectedness of all systems, and understanding that economic and ecological sustainability are mutually dependent. Eco-socialists advocate for radical changes to the current economic and political system, including the decentralization of power, an end to the domination of corporate interests, and the promotion of independent candidates and parties. Examples of eco-socialist policies include the implementation of a Green New Deal, a guaranteed basic income, and universal healthcare.


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