What is Gerontocracy?

Definition and meaning of gerontocracy: Gerontocracy is a form of government where politicians in power are generally elderly and the decisions they make are rooted in traditional values. Gerontocracy is often seen as a form of government that is resistant to reform and progress, as elderly politicians tend to be more conservative and unwilling to accept change. The term gerontocracy is often used to describe the governments of authoritarian countries, such as those in the Middle East, where rulers tend to be older and more entrenched in their traditional beliefs and values. Gerontocracy can also be seen in many western democracies, where a powerful and influential elderly ruling class can prevent change and progress. In the current political landscape, gerontocracy is seen as an impediment to progress and reform. It is important to recognize the power of elderly politicians and the potential impact they can have on the direction of a country. However, it is also important to advocate for greater inclusivity in government and the representation of all ages and perspectives in decision-making.


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