What is Jingoism?

Definition and meaning of Jingoism: Jingoism is an extreme form of nationalism characterized by an aggressive foreign policy and a belief in the superiority of one’s own nation over all others. It is often associated with chauvinism, or an attitude of superiority toward other nations, and with a disregard for the rights of others. Jingoism is often seen as a tool of political parties to gain support from constituents, or as a way of appealing to the public’s sense of patriotism. It is used to rally people behind a particular political agenda and can be seen as a way of dividing the population along partisan lines. In the United States, jingoism has been used to support both major political parties, as well as independent candidates, in order to gain votes. This can lead to an increasing polarization of the population and a further entrenchment of the two-party system, limiting the voices of independent candidates and reformers.


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