What is Kickback?

Definition and meaning of kickback: A kickback is a practice in which a politician or political party receives money or favors in exchange for a particular vote or decision. This practice is used to buy influence and increase the power of the politician or political party that is receiving the kickback. This practice is antithetical to a functioning democracy and to a reform-minded movement that seeks to reduce the influence of political parties Kickbacks are used to ensure politicians remain loyal to a particular party line, instead of representing the desires of their constituents. Examples of kickback include a politician receiving money from a lobbyist in exchange for a vote, or a political party receiving donations in exchange for support of a particular policy. In both instances, kickbacks are used to reduce the power of the people and increase the power of the political elites. Kickbacks are a form of corruption and are illegal in most countries. In the United States, kickbacks are punishable by both state and federal laws. The reform-minded movement seeks to put an end to the corrupt practice of kickbacks and to create a more equitable democracy in which all citizens have an equal voice.


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