What is Phone Banking?

Definition and meaning of phone banking: Phone banking is a political outreach technique that involves volunteers or campaign staff making direct phone calls to potential voters, donors, or other targeted individuals. Its roots can be traced back to the days before the digital era when face-to-face canvassing and direct mail were the primary modes of reaching voters. In this way, phone banking can be considered a traditional voter outreach strategy. The advent of digital communication expanded the campaigners’ toolkits, offering a personal, efficient, and cost-effective method of connecting. However, phone banking still remains a valuable tactic.

The purposes of phone banking are manifold. At its core, phone banking seeks to achieve human-to-human connection. Calls might aim to:

  • Educate and Inform: Sharing details about a candidate's platform, sharing their positions on critical issues, or clarifying any misconceptions about the campaign.

  • Mobilize: Encouraging citizens to vote and express their political opinions.

  • Gauge Voter Sentiment: Collecting data on which issues matter most to voters or determining levels of support for a candidate.

  • Fundraise: Soliciting donations for political campaigns or causes.

Traditionally, phone banking took place in campaign offices with rows of volunteers using landlines and paper lists. Since then, it has evolved. Automated dialing systems can now quickly connect volunteers to potential voters, cloud-based software can manage call lists, and virtual phone banks allow volunteers to participate from anywhere.

However, phone banking is not without challenges. With the rise of telemarketing and robo-calls, there is increased skepticism, and many people are reluctant to engage in unsolicited calls. Caller ID and the declining use of landlines have also made it harder to connect with potential voters.

Yet, in the broader spectrum of campaign strategies, phone banking remains a testament to the power of personal connection. When done authentically and respectfully, phone banking can bridge gaps, foster understanding, and play a pivotal role in the democratic process.


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