What is Progressivism?

Definition and meaning of progressivism: Progressivism is a political ideology that promotes reform. Progressivism is based on the belief that the government should be active in addressing social, economic, and political issues, promoting reform and progress in the public good, rather than relying on the status quo. It supports policies that emphasize economic growth and social justice, such as environmental protection, labor rights, and equal rights for all citizens.

Examples of progressivism include the progressive income tax, minimum wage, Social Security, and Medicare. Progressivism seeks to create a society of greater economic and social equality, with access to education, health care, and other resources for all. It also seeks to reduce the influence of money in politics and to foster a more open and democratic political system. By supporting candidates who are willing to challenge existing power structures and break down the two-party system, progressivism seeks to ensure that all citizens have a fair and equal chance to participate in the political process.


Ditch the two-party system

Join the movement to support independent and nonpartisan candidates
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