What is Reapportion?

Definition and meaning of reapportion: To reapportion is to redraw congressional districts and electoral maps to ensure more equal representation for voters. It is an important part of the democratic process and is essential to maintaining fair elections. Reapportionment is necessary in order to make sure that all citizens have an equal say in the government and that their votes count equally. This is especially important in a two-party system, where the two major parties are often the only choices for voters. Reapportionment can be conducted in a variety of ways. The most common way is to redraw the boundaries of congressional districts in order to even out the number of people living in each district. This ensures that each district has an equal number of people, and therefore an equal number of representatives in Congress. The process of reapportionment also involves redrawing electoral maps to ensure that all citizens have an equal say in the outcome of elections. These maps are designed to ensure that each vote counts equally, regardless of where the voter lives. Reapportionment is an important part of ensuring fair and equitable representation for all citizens. It is also an essential part of encouraging more independent candidates and ending the two-party system. By making sure that all votes are counted equally, we can ensure that the voices of all citizens are heard and that a more diverse range of candidates have an equal chance of winning elections.


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