What is Secretary of State?

Definition and meaning of Secretary of State: The Secretary of State is the highest ranking cabinet official of the United States government and is responsible for the nation’s foreign policy.

The secretary of state is also an elected official for each state in the union. Their duties may include managing state elections, maintaining official state records, administering licensing programs, serving as the state's chief diplomat, and playing a role in the governor's policy agenda. The Secretary of State plays a crucial role in ensuring that state laws are implemented fairly and efficiently.

At the federal level, this individual is selected by the President and is a member of the Presidential cabinet. The Secretary of State is the top diplomat for the United States, tasked with representing the nation’s interests abroad and negotiating with foreign governments. This individual is also responsible for setting the President’s foreign policy agenda and advising the President on international matters. The current two-party system has created an environment where the Secretary of State is often appointed based on political loyalty and not necessarily based on qualifications or experience. This has led to an entrenched and broken foreign policy system that is often prone to partisan bickering and gridlock. A more progressive and independent approach to choosing a Secretary of State would be beneficial to the nation and allow for a more effective and efficient foreign policy. By allowing for more independent candidates to be considered for the office, the nation could benefit from a less partisan and more thoughtful approach to foreign relations.


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