What is Split Ticket?

Definition and meaning of split ticket: Split ticket voting is a reform-minded method of voting in which a voter chooses candidates from different political parties for different offices in the same election. This form of voting allows a voter to express their individual views on the many issues that cross political party lines. It can also help to encourage and strengthen independent candidates by allowing voters to support them without sacrificing their political views on other issues. Split ticket voting can also be beneficial to the two main political parties by keeping them accountable to their constituents on each issue. One example of split ticket voting would be voting for a Republican candidate for president and a Democratic candidate for Congress. By employing the split ticket option, voters can challenge the status quo of the two-party system and express more of their individual opinions on the issues that are important to them. Split ticket voting encourages more independent thought and more consideration for issues that may not be addressed by the two major parties. The opposite of split ticket voting is straight ticket voting.


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