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Terry Vo

Case Study: Good Party Helps Power Terry Vo to City Council Win

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Terry Vo
Emily Dexter · Aug 22, 2023

On August 3, Terry Vo became the first candidate to win an election with the help of Good Party’s movement and tools. Terry Vo won her election with 53.78% of the votes in a competitive three-way race. She is now a member-elect of the Nashville Metro Council in Tennessee, where she will proudly represent the diverse and growing neighborhoods of District 17.

“Running with Good Party means so many great things,” Vo said. “It means we are going to turn out more voters and turn around our country in a way that is people-centered.”

Terry Vo: A Strong Leader for Nashville

Vo was born to immigrant parents and moved to Nashville in 2009. Since then, she has become a central part of positive changemaking in Nashville. Vo worked on a mayoral campaign in 2015 and co-founded the non-profit organization API Middle Tennessee. She has also served as the Tennessee Pride Chamber Board President and as president of the Chestnut Hill Neighborhood Association. Having established herself as a local leader, Vo wanted to see API representation on the Metro Council and was determined to step up and make a difference.

Vo's dedication to her community was long-standing, and her decision to run for office was strategic. Initial conversations with a sitting council member shed light on the intricacies of the political race, how much she would need to raise, and what it would take to win election. Armed with this knowledge, Vo made the pivotal decision to run for an open seat four years later.

How Good Party’s Free Tools Powered Terry Vo’s Winning Campaign

With Good Party's campaign toolkit at Vo’s disposal, the journey to a win became streamlined. Good Party’s expert support helped Vo launch an effective strategy for fundraising and field operations. She reported, “For someone that’s brand new to running for office, it was very helpful to go step by step and have someone you can speak to.”

Making Effective Use of Listening Tours and Canvassing

Through an extensive listening tour, Vo put her finger on the pulse of District 17 and gained a rich understanding of her community’s needs. She learned that community members prioritized public safety, infrastructure, neighborhood preservation, public education, and housing. Vo centered her campaign around the people in her district. Rejecting contributions from large corporate donors and special interests, she built a grassroots campaign funded by small-dollar donors.

Vo sought to empower the people in her district. She said, “I would tell them: your voice matters, your experience, your life. Look at who is running your city or state right now, and if you don’t see yourself, it’s you who should be in that seat.”


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As part of empowering voters, Vo’s campaign team knocked on over 3,000 doors in her district — a number higher than the 2,375 people who ended up turning out to vote. Rob Booth, Good  Party’s head of field and mobilization, noted that Vo’s “most active use of the Good Party tool was using our door-knocking scripts, which use AI to produce first drafts that are easily customizable.” This strong ground strategy helped to power Vo’s winning campaign.

Harnessing the Power of Grassroots Volunteers

Good Party's ethos, which Vo encapsulates as “giving a voice to so many in our communities that don't want to pick a side but want to be represented," came alive in her campaign. Volunteers, both local and remote, became the backbone of her campaign. The figures speak for themselves:

  • On-the-ground efforts saw 7 local volunteers organize 20 events, engage with 1,300 voters, partner with 38 local musicians from Nashville Musicians for Change, and connect with 35 local business supporters. 

  • Volunteers promoted Good Party’s online voter guide, which garnered an impressive 15,000 views, drawing attention to Vo’s campaign.

  • Good Party’s remote volunteers played a vital role. With 10 dedicated volunteers from across the country, the campaign sent 11,885 texts, made over 1,000 calls, and magnified Vo’s online presence.

Together, these volunteer efforts debunked the myth that only established political machines can generate significant outreach. Grassroots organizing proved to be the key to success in Vo’s winning campaign.

A Win for Nashville and Independents Everywhere

For Vo, it was important to be a part of Good Party’s growing movement, helping to make people matter more than profit in politics. Reflecting on her landmark win, Vo remarked, “I am so honored to be the first Good Party Candidate to win my race. What it means is that it works. That people are more important than profits. That people, when we are together and centered, we will always win. I want people to know that, believe that, and to see that my campaign did that and – guess what – we won.” 

This case study is a testament to how, with the right tools, determination, and community support, change is not just possible, but inevitable. To learn how Good Party’s free tools and expert support can power your campaign, connect with our team and get a demo today.


Ever thought about running for office?

Learn how you can make a difference with Good Party Academy
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Terry Vo
By Emily Dexter
Emily Dexter is the content marketing coordinator at Good Party. Based in the Midwest, she brings a fresh perspective and editorial experience to the team.