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South Carolina

Laurens County elections 2024

Laurens County Fast facts

Largest city
Fountain Inn
36.37 per Sq KM
Median income
Unemployment rate
Home Value

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Victoria - School Teacher, NC
Either we can complain about it, or we can do something about it. Toward the beginning of this year, I decided to get off the sidelines and make a decision to run for office.
Victoria - School Teacher, NC
Ran for Town Commissioner
Terry C., Irvine, CA
It's nice to have people with experience in the space helping me get my feet under me. The truth is, I'm jumping into a race that, as an independent, is very difficult to win.
Terry C., Irvine, CA
Running for U.S. House of Representatives to represent California's 47th District
Carlos - Regulatory Writer, TN
As you go through life and get older and realize the people in charge are not doing a great job… then you start to question, Okay well, why not me then?
Carlos - Regulatory Writer, TN
Ran for Metro Council Election