Why does Good Party focus on Indie candidates?

Indie is short for Independent candidates for elected office who are running free from the corrupt political establishment and have taken our Good Certified Pledge.

They are free to be Not Red, not Blue, but Good!

Republicans and Democrats have had a stranglehold on American politics long enough. Their focus is staying in power by serving big money special interests, dividing people and creating voter apathy. Good Party certifies candidates who are Honest, Independent and People-Powered who are taking on the the establishment parties and providing more choices for voters. That's why we also include 3rd Party candidates (e.g. Green Party, Libertarians, etc.) in our broader definition of Indie because they too are independent of the two-party duopoly.

It's kind of like how Indie Rock and Indie Films broke free from the mainstream of big record labels and big movie studios. They gave consumers more diverse and interesting options in music and film and created more competition. We're looking to do that for democracy so we can have more diverse and interesting options representing us!