What is Adjourn?

Definition and meaning of adjourn: To adjourn is to terminate a meeting or session without finishing the agenda or business of the day. This tactic has become especially pertinent in modern American politics as the two-party system makes it increasingly difficult for independent candidates to succeed. The two major political parties have a monopoly on power, and as such, they can choose to adjourn a session whenever they feel it is necessary, thus preventing any meaningful discussion from occurring. The power of adjournment is especially potent at the state and federal level, where the majority party can quickly shut down any attempts to introduce alternative policies. For example, when the United States Senate was considering a bill to introduce term limits for Senators, the majority party chose to adjourn the session before a vote was taken. This prevented the bill from being voted on, thus keeping the status quo intact. Adjournment can also be used to prevent a vote of no-confidence or a vote to remove a sitting official from office. This can be seen in the impeachment trials of former President Donald Trump, where the majority party chose to adjourn the session without a vote being taken.


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