What is Butterfly Ballot?

Definition and meaning of butterfly ballot: A butterfly ballot has the names of candidates, initiatives, or referendums printed on two facing pages in a way that resembles the wings of a butterfly. This type of ballot is particularly problematic when there is a long list of candidates, and it can be difficult for voters to determine the correct choice. Butterfly ballots are also known to create confusion, as it is not always clear which candidate is associated with which party. In 2000, butterfly ballots led to controversy in the U.S. Presidential election in Florida, as they were found to potentially have an impact on the outcome of the election. Since then, several states have moved away from using butterfly ballots and have implemented other voting systems. Butterfly ballots can be used to improve the accuracy of voting, as they can offer a large amount of information in a single page. With the right design and layout, voters can quickly and easily find their desired candidate or referendum. However, this type of ballot can also lead to confusion and frustration if not designed properly.


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