What is Centrism?

Definition and meaning of centrism: Centrism is a political ideology that seeks to strike a balance between the political left and right. It is based on the notion that neither side of the political spectrum is inherently better or worse than the other, and that a centrist approach would better serve the needs of the citizens and the nation as a whole.

Centrists often advocate for independent candidates since they are not beholden to either party, and reject the idea of a two-party system. This allows for more diverse opinions and perspectives to be taken into account when forming policy. For example, a centrist might support a policy that both raises taxes on the wealthy and provides tax breaks for the middle class. This allows for both sides of the political spectrum to benefit, while still addressing economic inequality. Centrism focuses on finding common ground and compromise, and seeks to create policies that are beneficial to both sides of the political aisle.


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