What is Classical Liberalism?

Definition and meaning of Classical Liberalism: Classical Liberalism is a political ideology that emphasizes the values of individual freedom, limited government, and free markets. It is often associated with the political philosophy of the Enlightenment and the American Revolution. Classical Liberalism is based on the idea that people should have the right to pursue their own economic and political interests without interference from the government.

Classical Liberalism supports the notion that government should not interfere with the free market. This means that the government should not be involved in regulating economic markets or controlling production. It also means that the government should not be involved in dictating how individuals should lead their lives. Classical Liberalism is an important part of the American political system, and has been a major factor in the development of the two-party system. It has also been a major factor in the growth of independent and third-party candidates, which are often seen as a challenge to the two-party system.


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