What is Delegate?

Definition and meaning of delegate: In American politics, a delegate is a person who is elected or appointed to represent a specific group of people, typically in a political party's nominating convention. These conventions are held to choose the party's official candidate for a general election. Delegates play a crucial role in the nomination process by casting votes for the candidate they support.

In the past, the delegate system has been criticized for being ineffective, particularly with the use of superdelegates in the Democratic Party. Superdelegates are high-level party officials, such as elected officials and members of the Democratic National Committee, who are given the power to cast a vote for the candidate of their choice regardless of how their constituents voted in primary elections. This system was criticized in 2016, as many felt it gave too much power to party elites and did not accurately reflect the will of the voters.

In response to this criticism, the Democratic Party has made changes to the delegate system, reducing the number of superdelegates and making it more democratic. Despite these changes, the delegate system remains a crucial aspect of the American political process, serving as a way for parties to nominate their candidates and shape the direction of the country.


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