What is Superdelegate?

Definition and meaning of superdelegate: A superdelegate is a delegate to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) who is not selected by primary or caucus voters, but rather by party officials and elected leaders. Superdelegates have the power to influence the outcome of the Democratic presidential nomination process by casting a vote for any candidate they choose, regardless of how their constituents voted. Superdelegates are unpledged delegates, meaning they are not obligated to support any candidate, and they can change their vote at any time. In order to reduce the power of superdelegates, many reform-minded organizations are advocating for a change in the system. For example, the DNC has proposed a plan that would limit the number of superdelegates and give them less power in the nomination process. This proposal would also require superdelegates to publicly declare which candidate they are supporting. This would ensure that the nomination process is more democratic and less influenced by party leaders.


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