What is Fear-Mongering?

Definition and meaning of fear-mongering: Fear-mongering is the use of exaggerated or manipulated information to instill fear in the public, often for the purpose of furthering a political agenda or gaining power. This tactic is used in politics to spread false or exaggerated information in order to influence public opinion and sow distrust of candidates or policies. Fear-mongering can be used to manipulate the public and to discourage them from voting for a particular candidate or policy. An example of fear-mongering can be seen in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, when both candidates used fear-mongering tactics to influence public opinion. Donald Trump employed fear-mongering tactics to demonize immigrants and to depict himself as the only candidate who could protect the United States from terrorism and crime. Similarly, Hillary Clinton used fear-mongering to paint her opponent as dangerous and untrustworthy. Fear-mongering is a destructive tactic that serves to polarize our political climate and weaken the independent candidates that could provide a much-needed alternative to the two-party system. It is important that the public is aware of this tactic and does not allow themselves to be manipulated by disinformation.


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