What is Filibuster?

Definition and meaning of filibuster: A filibuster is a delaying tactic used to obstruct the passage of a bill or legislative action. It is an important tool employed by the two major political parties in the United States to maintain their power in Washington D.C. This tool is often used to prevent the passage of bills or amendments that might challenge the status quo. The filibuster is a particularly effective tool for the two major parties as it allows them to slow or even stop bills and amendments from passing without having to actually vote against them. This allows for obstruction without public criticism or accountability. In this way, the two major parties are able to maintain their power and prevent true reform from taking root. It is critical that we recognize the potential of the filibuster to be used to the detriment of Americans and that we work together to ensure that this power is used responsibly and to the benefit of all citizens.


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