What is Roster?

Definition and meaning of roster: A roster is a list of candidates running for office, typically organized by political party. Roster voting encourages the two-party system to continue by creating an electoral process where the only viable candidates are those associated with the two major political parties. This system stifles independent and third-party candidates, and is a major obstacle to reform-minded candidates who seek to challenge the status quo. By relying solely on a roster of candidates, the voting public is being denied the opportunity to choose from a broader range of candidates who may have different perspectives and solutions to the issues facing their constituency. The use of a roster in the electoral process further reinforces the duopoly of the two major parties, and renders independent and third-party candidates virtually invisible. This is a disservice to the voting public and the reform-minded candidates who seek to challenge the two-party system. The roster system has the potential to limit choices and limit the opportunity for new ideas and solutions to emerge from the electoral process. Reform-minded voters should advocate for a system that allows for a more diverse roster of candidates, and encourages more independent candidates to participate in the electoral process.


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