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How AI Is Impacting Politics

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Good Party Politics Team · Jan 10, 2024

AI stands for artificial intelligence, and it's impacting many parts of modern life. Applications range from creating written content to helping grocery shoppers pick out the foods they buy, but the rise of AI has tremendous power to change the world we live in — including in the realm of politics. 

From candidates simply generating campaign slogans with AI to going all out with tools like Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager, this technology is impacting races at all levels of government. Political AI is even being used in international politics, too.

AI in politics is still very new, but the impact of AI on independent candidates is already democratizing election processes. Local candidates can run now effectively for office on shoestring budgets, without having to cave to partisan interests. 

The AI Wave in Politics

The future of AI in politics has already arrived, and that can run both good and bad. Using deepfake technology to create disinformation is frightening, but success stories of AI-driven campaigns can also motivate more individuals to run for office. An independent candidacy and AI partnership has the chance to utilize technology in elections and run against incumbents of the two-party system.

Concerns about this technology linger, and factors such as bias, privacy, and accuracy are still things that users must be mindful of as they use any tools in this arena. Still, AI interfaces are often user-friendly so that common citizens can use this technology without advanced training or education. This means that real people who want to improve democracy can use these tools to jump into the political arena themselves.

From local school board elections to statewide contests, local races are seeing a surge in new candidates who can now participate in a system that long eluded them. That's a boon for democracy when many people, especially younger adults, feel like the political system has left them behind.

Democratizing Elections With AI

AI-powered campaign materials are probably the first thing most people think of in terms of this technology impacting politics. You no longer need technical wizardry or coding expertise to create social media graphics, imagery, audio, and video content for or against candidates and certain issues. Advanced technology is available to everyone who wants to participate in the process, and that democratizes things in ways never seen before.

This new capability means that people from all walks of life can launch viable campaigns for public office. Independent, nonpartisan, and third-party candidates across the United States have begun using AI to power their local campaigns, getting the word out about their candidacies without having to break the bank. 

Free AI Tools for Independent Candidates

Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager is one example of the transformative role of AI in politics. Enhancing political campaigns with AI tools can make candidates competitive in races nationwide. Independent candidates generally lack the backing of the national parties while running against the wealth of resources those parties have to hold onto power. Yet, free machine-learning tools let candidates operate campaigns and minimize the need for expensive campaign staff.

America is hungry for change, and that's increasingly true among younger generations of voters.  When elections of all levels feature more independent candidates, America is more of a representative democracy. While the two major parties do represent huge swaths of the national population, they don't represent everyone. A growing share of the electorate considers itself independent and is increasingly turned off by the political duopoly holding on to so much power. AI campaign tools help independent candidates gain the leverage they need to step up and represent this growing portion of the electorate.

The biggest win for independent candidates using AI technology is the efficiency involved. AI can automate tasks ranging from ad buys to content creation. The time saved is money saved, but it's also campaign work done by technology instead of people who need to be paid. That time saved also means that independent candidates have more time to dedicate to the parts of campaigning that matter most to them, like making one-on-one and in-person connections with voters.

Artificial Intelligence in Elections

Artificial intelligence in politics is here to stay, opening the door for thousands of potential candidates to take advantage of tools such as Good Party AI’s Campaign Manager to run efficient, effective campaigns for office at many levels of government. This suite of tools lets you run for office with only a fraction of the previously necessary resources, which means citizens who want to start changing the political system for the better have a better chance of making their voices heard. If you’re ready to explore the possibilities that the AI Campaign Manager and makes possible, check out a free demo and learn more today.

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