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Good Party Academy: What to Expect

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Emily Dexter · Oct 17, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would take to run for office? Have you thought about what office you would run for, or about which issues you would step up to champion? Good Party Academy is a free online course designed to walk alongside people who are thinking through these very questions. Good Party Academy can be an important stepping stone toward launching a campaign, or simply toward becoming more involved in the life of your community.

What Is Good Party Academy?

Good Party Academy (GPA) is a free online course offered by Good Party, a non-profit organization dedicated to reforming the American political system and making people matter more than money in our democracy. The goal of Good Party Academy is to equip individuals interested in serving their communities with the skills and knowledge they need to run for public office.

The traditional format of Good Party Academy follows a four-week schedule, with just a few hours required of your time each week. One-off GPA webinars are also available for some locations.

Good Party Academy is perfect for anyone hoping to explore a run for office, including:

  • First-time candidates

  • Political organizers

  • Community leaders, small business owners, and influencers

  • Individuals who have previously run for office and want to improve their skills

We want to ensure that people of all backgrounds who are interested in running for office have the ability and tools to do so. To enroll in Good Party Academy, participants must agree to Good Party’s user agreement — letting us know that they are willing to make a commitment to transparency, political independence, and sourcing the majority of campaign funds from individual donors, should they decide to launch a campaign. Beyond that, there are no barriers to entry — not even price, because Good Party Academy is completely free.

Good Party Academy is led by Good Party’s team of expert political strategists, headed by our political director Jared Alper and our head of field and mobilization, Rob Booth. Together, Alper and Booth bring 25 years of combined experience to the table, and they have plenty of insights to share with prospective candidates.

Ever thought about running for office?

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5 Things to Expect During Good Party Academy

Joining Good Party Academy is an exciting step toward becoming a more involved citizen and a more active member of your community. Here are the top five things to expect during your time with Good Party Academy:

#1: Learn the skills you need to plan and execute a successful campaign.

One of the core components of Good Party Academy is training to help you understand what goes into planning and executing an effective political campaign. Jared Alper puts it simply: “Good Party Academy is a crash course in how to prepare to run for office. Candidates learn the best practices that go into running a campaign.”

Learning these best practices can help potential candidates visualize what a campaign could look like for them. It can help you understand the key considerations of campaign finance and fundraising, the best way to organize voter outreach and mobilization, and how to navigate the emotional journey of campaigning.

#2: Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses as a political candidate.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses in life, and these can come to the forefront when launching a political campaign. Some candidates will be better at public speaking than others, for instance. The same holds true for campaign messaging, fundraising, data analysis, and other aspects of campaigning. Good Party Academy helps prospective candidates learn what their strengths and weaknesses would look like on the campaign trail — and how to build a campaign team to meet their specific needs.

#3: Network with like-minded individuals.

Enrolling in Good Party Academy isn’t just a chance to learn the skills and strategies needed to run for office; it’s also an opportunity to connect with others who are similarly passionate about making a difference in their communities. Good Party Academy participants come from a wide range of backgrounds and from across the political spectrum, opening up rich opportunities for discussion. Overall, getting to network and engage with other like-minded participants can be an inspiring and empowering experience.

#4: Feel prepared to make an informed decision about running for office.

At the end of Good Party Academy, participants will evaluate their level of readiness to run for office. There is no requirement to answer one way or another; there is simply the opportunity for your new learnings to blossom into a new and exciting chapter of your career. Whatever you decide at the end of the course, Good Party will be here with resources to help you take your next right step.

#5: Get access to free tools to help you run a strong campaign.

Should you decide to run for office after participating in Good Party Academy, Good Party will be here for you with free campaign tools. Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager is available for all GPA participants. This suite of tools lets candidates track their progress toward core voter mobilization goals, generate campaign materials quickly and easily with artificial intelligence, and get access to continued expert support from Good Party’s team.

GPA in Action: Case Studies from the First Cohort

Want to see how Good Party Academy graduates are taking what they learned and making a difference? Look no further than three graduates of GPA’s first cohort:

  • Victoria Masika launched a campaign for town commissioner in Hillsborough, North Carolina, and is currently using Good Party’s free campaign tools to engage voters in her community. Masika is also affiliated with the Forward Party. Learn more about her campaign for town commissioner here.

  • Carlos Rousselin launched a campaign for city council in Nashville, Tennessee. Good Party Academy inspired Rousselin to become more involved in his community and to realize he has what it takes to make an impact. Read more about Rousselin’s experience with GPA here.

  • Breanna Stott decided to wait after graduating from Good Party Academy before launching a campaign, instead focusing on prioritizing her business goals. GPA helped Stott connect with others who felt similarly “homeless” within the two-party system. Read more about Stott’s experience with GPA here.

How to Get Started with Good Party Academy

New cohorts of Good Party Academy are starting now, so it’s the perfect time to get involved and explore whether a run for office could be in your future. Ready to learn more? Book a meeting today to dive into the possibilities with Good Party Academy.

Ever thought about running for office?

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By Emily Dexter
Emily Dexter is the content marketing coordinator at Good Party. Based in the Midwest, she brings a fresh perspective and editorial experience to the team.