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Rob Booth
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Good Party Team Spotlight: Rob Booth, Head of Field and Mobilization

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Rob Booth
Emily Dexter · Oct 16, 2023

Taking the leap and launching a political campaign for the first time is a big step. The process can be challenging, especially for independent candidates running outside of the two-party system. Luckily, Good Party Academy (GPA) is here to help people thinking of running as independent candidates find their path to victory.

As Good Party prepares to launch two new cohorts of Good Party Academy — one in Arkansas and another in California — we want to spotlight one of the leaders of this free online course: Good Party’s head of field and mobilization, Rob Booth.

Rob Booth joined the Good Party team in August 2022, after spending nearly 20 years gaining experience running successful electoral, legislative, and ballot campaigns. Now, Booth leads two departments at Good Party (politics and mobilization) and works on the front lines of developing our political strategy. He also plays a critical role in refining our AI-powered campaign tools and raising grassroots support for people-powered candidates across the nation.

Most recently, Rob Booth has supported local independent candidates on the ground in Nashville, Tennessee and Durham, North Carolina. He even took a daring skydive for democracy to encourage voter turnout and raise awareness around the municipal election in Nashville.

Before joining Good Party, Booth helped to pioneer deep-canvassing strategies during the marriage equality movement and later served as the National Field Director for RepresentUs. In both roles, he met with significant success — gaining valuable wisdom that he now shares with GPA participants.

“Starting in 2010, I was a part of the deep-canvassing experiments conducted in Maine supporting marriage equality, which centered on empathy-based persuasion over a simple rights and benefits approach,” Booth said. “We took that work to scale, and Maine became the first state to approve equal marriage at the ballot. I consulted on several more equal marriage wins before full passage in 2015.” In his role as national field director for RepresentUs, Booth helped to launch a national network of volunteers and pass 171 anti-corruption laws. Booth now brings his learnings from both of these rich experiences into his work helping new candidates learn what it takes to launch an effective campaign in Good Party Academy. He especially focuses on voter outreach and field mobilization strategies.

“I focus on helping candidates hone their ‘why’ and the power of storytelling as a way to connect with voters,” Booth said. “I am a field guy at heart and help to teach our candidates how to leverage our tools to drive voter contact efforts that are at the heart of all winning campaigns.”

Another part of Good Party Academy that Booth appreciates is the chance it gives potential candidates to connect with like-minded people. In his words, “The best part of GPA is the fellowship with other candidates. There is something powerful about realizing you are not alone.”

Good Party Academy not only helps potential candidates to feel less alone; it also provides  valuable tools and insights to help them plan a campaign with confidence. Rob Booth works together with Good Party’s political director Jared Alper to lead participants in discovering best practices for running a campaign, as well as learning what to expect along the campaign trail. Together, Booth and Alper have 25 years of combined experience and are ready to guide the next generation of people-powered leaders toward success.

Are you ready to connect and get started with Good Party Academy? No commitment to run a campaign is required. Participating in Good Party Academy simply gives you the resources you need to determine whether launching a campaign could be the next right step for you. Sign up today to be part of the next Good Party Academy cohort.


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Rob Booth
By Emily Dexter
Emily Dexter is the content marketing coordinator at Good Party. Based in the Midwest, she brings a fresh perspective and editorial experience to the team.