What is Get Out the Vote?

Definition and meaning of GOTV: GOTV, standing for "Get Out The Vote," is a strategy employed by political campaigns, civic groups, and other organizations to boost voter turnout. The concept underscores the fundamental tenet of a democratic system: participation. Recognizing that a vibrant democracy thrives when its citizens are engaged and active, GOTV efforts target both registered voters and unregistered voters who could become part of the democratic process. GOTV activities typically include door-knocking or canvassing, phone banking, arranging transportation to polling stations, and hosting community events. Digital campaigns using social media, text messaging, and email reminders have also become increasingly prevalent. The emphasis is not just on the act of voting, but on the broader idea of civic responsibility. Importantly, GOTV efforts often seek to reach marginalized communities or those who feel disenfranchised, reminding every individual that their voice holds power and significance.


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