What is Moderate?

Definition and meaning of moderate: In American politics, a moderate is someone who is politically independent from the polarized two-party system and is open to considering a variety of solutions to current issues. Moderates are reform-minded, looking for viable, pragmatic solutions to the challenges that face the nation. They are open to compromise and working across the aisle with people who have differing opinions on the issues. A moderate candidate usually has an understanding of both sides of the political spectrum and often is able to bring both sides together to reach consensus on various issues. They may not always agree on the solutions to problems, but they are willing to listen to various perspectives and work together to create solutions. Moderates are also more likely to reach out to constituents from all walks of life and to find common ground. Moderates are increasingly important to the American political system, as their willingness to compromise and work across party lines can help bridge the growing divide between the two major parties. By electing more independent and moderate candidates, the political system can become more responsive to the needs and interests of all citizens.


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