What is Withdrawal of Candidacy?

Definition and meaning of withdrawal of candidacy: Withdrawal of candidacy refers to the act of a candidate officially removing their name from a political race. This is usually done when the candidate feels that they would not be successful or they lack the support needed to win the race. Examples of withdrawal of candidacy can be seen when a current officeholder decides to not run for re-election or a candidate decides to drop out of the race due to lack of support. This can lead to third-party or independent candidates entering the race and creating a more competitive election. This could be seen as a victory for reform-minded individuals and those who are advocating for breaking up the two-party system. Withdrawal of candidacy is also a way for candidates to keep their dignity intact. By dropping out of a race, they can avoid a grueling campaign and potential negative publicity. In some cases, withdrawal of candidacy can be seen as a sign of strength and courage, as the candidate is willing to put their own interests aside in order to do what is best for the electorate.


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