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Press Releases 2
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Courting the Press with AI-Generated Press Releases

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Press Releases 2
Emily Dexter · Sep 26, 2023

Writing and distributing press releases is a great way for political candidates to increase the visibility of their campaigns. With Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager, the process of drafting press releases is easier than ever. Here’s how the AI Campaign Manager can help you produce press releases almost instantly, and how sending press releases to journalists can boost your campaign’s effectiveness:

How the AI Campaign Manager Creates Instant Press Releases

Using Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager to write press releases is a simple and easy-to-follow process. Our generative AI software draws on the data received from candidates during onboarding, including their policy platform, personal background, and location. With this information, the AI Campaign Manager personalizes each press release to the candidate’s needs. Within a matter of moments, you receive a draft of a correctly formatted press release, saving you both time and energy.

After receiving the initial draft of your press release, you can add further instructions to have artificial intelligence customize the press release for you. You can also move the draft to your own document to continue editing on your own at any time.

Here’s a pro tip: when sending press releases to journalists and local media outlets, you can either mark your press release as “for immediate release” or “under embargo.” If you mark a press release as “for immediate release,” the journalists who receive it will know that they can write and publish a story about your campaign at any time. If you mark a press release as “under embargo,” you can provide a date and time after which journalists can share the information included in the press release. 

Using this second strategy lets you give journalists advance notice of your announcement, so that they have a better chance of attending your event or contacting you for quotes and additional information. Releasing press releases under embargo is a particularly sound strategy for targeting high-profile publications where you would like to see information about your campaign appear.

For a full walk-through of how to generate press releases with the AI Campaign Manager, check out this video from Good Party’s political director, Jared Alper.

How Press Releases Increase Campaign Effectiveness

Why write press releases for your political campaign in the first place? Here are five reasons why taking advantage of this easy campaign strategy is more than worth it:

  • Campaign Awareness: The core benefit of distributing press releases is that they encourage newspapers and other local media outlets to give your campaign media coverage. This provides a great opportunity to announce your campaign launch, give updates from the campaign trail, and highlight key policy platforms.

  • Increased Credibility: Increased media coverage also helps your campaign appear more credible to the public. When voters read about your campaign in news sources they already trust, they will likely associate your campaign with a higher level of professionalism and viability.

  • Online Presence: Once journalists publish articles based on the press releases you send them, you can share them on your campaign website and social media.

  • Media Relations: Frequent communication with the press allows you to build a relationship with local media outlets. This relationship can come in handy when seeking campaign coverage in the future.

  • Competitive Edge: Writing and sending press releases allows you to take control of the narrative around your campaign, allowing you to gain a competitive edge over other candidates.

With these advantages and more, writing press releases is well worth your time as a political candidate — and with Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager, the time it takes to write press releases is almost no time at all. Independent and third-party candidates can sign up for the AI Campaign Manager entirely for free, with no commitment required. This powerful campaign software lets you generate not only press releases, but also campaign launch scripts, social media copy, campaign website outlines, and more. To get started with the AI Campaign Manager, book a meeting today.


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Press Releases 2
By Emily Dexter
Emily Dexter is the content marketing coordinator at Good Party. Based in the Midwest, she brings a fresh perspective and editorial experience to the team.