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Florida’s Top Issues in 2024

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Good Party Politics Team · Mar 8, 2024

As the 2024 elections heat up, voters and political candidates in Florida will have a variety of major issues on their minds. Residents across the state have concerns about the current status of the economy, the environment, healthcare, education, and more.

6 Leading Issues for Florida Voters

Heading the list of voters' major concerns throughout the state of Florida for the 2024 elections are the following top issues:

#1: Cost of Living

The cost of living is a top priority this year for Floridians in urban, suburban, and rural areas. With the constantly escalating costs of consumer goods, residents in various professions and walks of life are deeply concerned about the future. As in other states, many parents in Florida are now working overtime hours or have two jobs just to balance monthly budgets.

#2: Housing Costs

According to a 2023 poll conducted by the Public Opinion Research Lab (PORL) at the University of North Florida, the current cost of housing is a major worry to many Florida voters. This is among key concerns in Florida politics today and a major topic in the Florida political landscape. 

Dr. Michael Binder, a political science professor at the University of North Florida, stated, “In the last year, housing costs, and now property insurance, have emerged as pressing issues to Floridians. Insurance companies are most responsible in the minds of these Florida voters, but there seems to be plenty of blame to go around.” 

#3: Healthcare

Florida State Legislature Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell indicated in late 2023 that she expects healthcare to be a central issue for Florida residents during 2024. Governor Ron DeSantis stated in a press conference in Jacksonville that he also predicts that healthcare will be among Florida’s top issues this year. 

In February, the Florida House of Representatives passed two bills which aim to address Florida’s healthcare concerns amid a growing population. The bills, SB 7016 and SB 7018, have already been unanimously passed by the Florida Senate, headed by Florida Senate President Kathleen Passidomo. They are now moving onto Gov. DeSantis for approval.

#4: Abortion Rights

The issue of abortion was also addressed in the UNF-based poll of Florida voters. Among survey respondents, 62% supported a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would protect abortion rights. Of those who gave positive responses, 53% were Republicans and 58% were independent voters.

Dr. Binder commented that this amendment, if on the ballot in Florida, would require a 60% majority to pass with the aid of regional political dynamics. He continued, stating that even among Republican voters, 53% would vote to uphold abortion rights in the state of Florida, and only 39% would likely be opposed to passing the amendment. This issue could have major effects on the Florida political climate and is a prominent subject in Florida election campaigns.

#5: Education

Polling early in January 2024 revealed that 55% of Florida voters are dissatisfied with the quality of education in the state. A mere 26% think the state’s schools and curricula are currently acceptable. 

During 2023, Florida imposed major book bans and experienced a sizable shortage of teachers. In fact, PEN America reported that during the 2022-2023 school year, 40% of all book bans in the United States took place in Florida school districts. The organization’s report found that the following themes most often prompted books to be banned: 

  • Violence and physical abuse (found in 48% of banned books)

  • Health and well-being for students (found in 42% of banned books)

  • Sexual experiences between characters (found in 33% of banned books)

  • Characters of color, or themes of race and racism (found in 30% of banned books)

  • LGBTQ+ characters or themes (found in 30% of banned books)

  • Grief and death (found in 29% of banned books)

Meanwhile, Florida ranks 43rd in the country for per-student spending. The state ranks 48th in the average salary for teachers. There is also a significant shortage of fully qualified educators in many Florida colleges and universities.

#6: Infrastructure and the Environment

As Florida’s population increases, many voters and politicians have concerns about improving the state’s infrastructure and protecting the natural environment. These issues include wetlands permitting, the treatment and disposal of solid waste, and mitigation and mitigation availability.

In addition, many are concerned that polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) need more regulation. These “forever chemicals" pose ongoing challenges to the environment, and additional funds may be needed to regulate them and eventually eliminate their harmful effects. Other climate-change issues like the rising sea levels are also of major concern to Florida voters in 2024.

Important Issues for Voters in Florida's Largest Cities

Leading issues for voters in the largest cities in Florida in 2024 include the following:

Top Issues in Jacksonville

Voters in Jacksonville are often concerned about the current state of education, the environment, and healthcare. Many Jacksonville voters understand that the dominance of Big Pharma, large insurance companies, and big government have overshadowed individual residents’ healthcare needs. These voters seek a larger voice concerning their rights and medical care.

As Florida’s presidential primary elections come up on March 19, 2024, voters in Duval County should also be aware of changes in election administration. Some voting precincts have shifted, and the number of early voting sites has increased.

Major Concerns in Miami

The most attention-grabbing political races in Miami this year include the election of a new mayor along with five county commissioners. Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, a Democrat, faces reelection in a country that is increasingly Republican. Voters in Miami-Dade County will also have the opportunity of voting for the first elected sheriff since the role was eliminated in 1966.

Election Issues in Tampa

Voters in Tampa have a variety of concerns to consider as they go into the 2024 election cycle. One of the latest local issues involves Hillsborough County Commissioner Joshua Wostal, who has proposed cutting the election budget. According to Wostal, almost 70,000 people have become inactive or “ghost” voters in Hillsborough County, costing the area money that could instead be used to improve local infrastructure.

Make a Difference in Florida

Want to make an impact and move the needle on the above Florida election issues? There are a number of ways you can get involved and make a difference, from registering to vote in the upcoming elections to volunteering or even running for office in your local community. You can learn more about how you can get involved by signing up for a free info session here.

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