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Top Issues in New Hampshire in 2024

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Manchester Politics Team · May 7, 2024

New Hampshire is known for its scenic beauty, outdoor recreation activities, and small towns. It is nicknamed the Granite State and runs by the motto "Live Free or Die."

In this guide, we will discuss the key concerns in New Hampshire that need to be addressed by the competing political candidates in 2024. These issues range from economic concerns to health issues, homelessness, and drug abuse concerns, as well as environmental issues. 

Key Concerns in New Hampshire

Major issues facing New Hampshire require attention from political leaders, citizens, and supporting organizations. 

#1: Environmental Issues

New Hampshire is often admired for its scenic landscape, and residents and visitors enjoy well-known recreational activities such as hiking, skiing, canoeing, ATVing, biking, kayaking, and rafting. Environmental issues in the state have the potential to interfere with such activities as well as the quality of life in the state.

The following issues are of concern:

  • Frequent Flooding: Due to rising sea levels that cause high tides, the residents of New Hampshire experience floods in their homes and the streets from time to time. Flooding causes damage to the state's infrastructure, resources, and residents' vehicles and homes.

  • Loss of Land and Ecosystem Degradation: There has been a significant loss of land and degradation of the marsh ecosystem due to developments such as the building of houses and roads. With this degradation, the marsh loses its sponge-like ability and cannot absorb the rising tides.

  • Climate Change: An assessment carried out in 2022 showed increased heat levels and precipitation in New Hampshire. High levels of heat can cause increased precipitation, which then leads to flooding.

  • Water Quality: The rise in sea levels results in saltwater reaching the groundwater table, affecting water quality, especially in the coastal regions.

#2: Healthcare Issues

Healthcare is another sector in New Hampshire that faces notable challenges that call for attention from all concerned parties:

  • Increased Death Rate: New Hampshire is ranked as 43rd in the United States for death rate. From 2019 to 2021, there was an 11.84% age-adjusted death rate increase. The top causes of death in the state include heart disease, influenza, hypertension, cancer, and pneumonia.

  • High Healthcare Spending: New Hampshire is ranked as the 12th highest spending in the United States, with $13,779 spent per capita as of 2020. Although good spending may indicate investment in quality healthcare, it can cause strain on economic well-being.

  • Decreased Birth Rate: In 2021, New Hampshire's birth rate was at 8.3 babies per 1000 individuals. This number is dropping significantly due to changing cultural and social perspectives and increased use of contraceptives. Although this may not be a serious issue at the moment, in the long run, it may result in a low population in the state, which could negatively affect the economy.

#3: Economic Issues

New Hampshire has certain economic concerns that have caused worry to its government officials and citizens:

  • Job Loss and Unemployment: High-wage industries such as manufacturing have had to exercise job terminations due to technological advancements, which has led to increased joblessness and unemployment in New Hampshire.

  • Poverty and Regional Disparities: A significant number of residents in New Hampshire have become economically vulnerable. In addition, there is an evident disparity between rural and urban areas regarding economic well-being.

  • Demographic and Workforce Shifts: New Hampshire's urban issues and aging population pose a challenge to the labor force. The economy is adversely affected if a strong and vibrant workforce is unavailable to carry out the necessary duties and steer innovation.

  • Housing Shortage and Affordability: Some New Hampshire cities like Manchester have been heavily hit with the problem of adequate housing. Moreover, high rental prices have affected home affordability, especially for young adults who are new entrants into the workforce.

Top Issues in New Hampshire’s Main Cities

Now, let us look into city-specific challenges in New Hampshire:

Top Manchester Issues

Drug abuse is one of the top issues in Manchester during this election season. The city ranks high in rates of deaths via overdose as well as Narcan intake, compared to other cities in the state. The abuse of opioids, particularly Fentanyl, is a critical issue in Manchester. There is increased addiction and overdose of Fentanyl resulting from its illegal creation, its potency, and its viability to mix with other drugs.

Homelessness is another of Manchester’s issues that has caused concern for many. As of November 2023, statistics indicated that 538 adults (416 are sheltered and 120 are unsheltered) in Manchester were homeless. Moreover, during the 2022-2023 school year, 788 school-going children reported themselves to be homeless.

Top Nashua Issues

The top Nashua issues revolve around traffic, downtown appearance, parking, dining, and shopping. The parking-related issues include poor signage, a lack of adequate parking facilities, and traffic congestion. Some think the city lacks vibrance due to limited shopping options and inconsistent operating hours, especially during the evenings and weekends. Meanwhile, Nashua's issues concerning appearance revolve around a lack of cleaning, worn-out sidewalks, and old storefronts and buildings. Moreover, Downtown Nashua suffers from a housing problem with few special events that bring vitality to the city.

Top Concord Issues

The people of Concord, the capital of New Hampshire, face an array of issues that need the attention of New Hampshire's political candidates if they wish to motivate voters. Homelessness is one of the top Concord issues. In the south end of Concord, residents have complained of unattended litter, barbed wires, and syringes coming from encampments of people experiencing homelessness near Martin Park. These encampments have become more prevalent in the city of Concord.

Get Involved in New Hampshire

Want to make a difference in any of the above issues? 

There are a variety of ways you can get involved and make an impact in New Hampshire:

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