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Nashville TN

How Good Party Volunteers Powered Grassroots Campaigns in Nashville

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Nashville TN
Emily Dexter · Aug 23, 2023

Leading up to Nashville, Tennessee’s August 3 election, Good Party volunteers worked to support four competitive candidates for city council and achieve an exciting victory. Learn how Good Party’s community of grassroots volunteers made an impact in Nashville and helped bring Terry Vo to victory in a challenging three-way race.

Success Story: The Power of Grassroots Volunteers in Nashville

Good Party’s most recent success this year was helping first-time candidate Terry Vo win a difficult three-way race for city council. She was up against big money and strong support from a Trump mega-donor. Overcoming these challenges, she was able to secure important endorsements, mobilize her volunteers to knock on over 3,000 doors, and leverage Good Party’s remote volunteer network of citizens passionate about people-powered candidates. In the end, Terry Vo won with 53.78% of total votes.

Here are the numbers behind Good Party’s support of Terry Vo and three other non-partisan candidates in Nashville. On the ground in Nashville, Good Party:

  • Conducted 1,283 in-person interactions with voters through strategies like event canvassing and door knocking.

  • Partnered with 38 local musicians to create content, volunteer at the polls, and get out the vote.

  • Partnered with 35 local businesses that distributed literature about our candidates.

  • Organized 20 in-person events, including concerts, trivia nights, and more.

  • Coordinated seven local volunteers in the lead-up to election day; these volunteers distributed stickers that linked to our voter guide and helped to get out the vote to more people.

  • Took the campaign to new heights with one daring skydive for democracy.

Remote volunteers also paved the way for success. Good Party’s remote volunteers:

  • Sent 43,885 text messages to voters, promoting Good Party certified candidates and encouraging Nashvillians to get out and vote.

  • Made 5,793 calls to get out the vote to Nashville residents.

  • Promoted Good Party’s online voter guide, which garnered over one million impressions and was viewed by over 15,000 people in Nashville.

Kieryn McCann, one of Good Party’s dedicated remote volunteers, reported that volunteering in support of the Nashville candidates was both easy and inspiring. “I’m making an actual difference in the political landscape,” McCann said. “Terry’s win genuinely was inspiring. I felt that win personally.”

Volunteer efforts like McCann’s increased name recognition and built enthusiasm for Good Party certified candidates, provided voters with valuable resources, and encouraged higher voter turnout. Both on the ground and remotely, Good Party’s network of volunteers helped lead Terry Vo’s campaign to victory.

Reflecting on Good Party’s successful mobilization of volunteers, Rob Booth, our Head of Voter Mobilization and Field, had this to say: “I’ve seen firsthand how passionate, committed volunteers can powerfully shift the political landscape. Our success in Nashville, exemplified by Terry Vo’s victory, is a testament to the indomitable spirit of grassroots campaigning. We can overcome even the toughest challenges when communities come together, fueled by a vision for positive change and backed by people-centered tools and resources.”


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How Good Party Helps Campaigns Make an Impact

For candidates across the United States, Good Party makes running a people-powered, independent campaign possible. This means the ability to run on your own ideas, to run a campaign without accepting donations from dark money or corporate PACs, and to reject partisan influence. We do this by offering free tools to help you scale your campaign’s efforts, expert support to keep you on track, and a national network of volunteers to help fill critical roles in your campaign.

Good Party’s suite of tools includes the AI Campaign Manager, which helps you fine-tune your messaging, identify your target audience, and create compelling content. Our AI technology helps write press releases, plan door-knocking routes, and script speeches. At the same time, our intuitive goal-setting and tracking tools keep your campaign on the path to victory, so you can focus on what matters most: connecting with voters and driving meaningful change.

With Good Party, candidates also get access to personalized, one-on-one support from seasoned professionals. Rob Booth is a veteran organizer who cut his teeth in the Marriage Equality movement and helped to pass nearly 200 pro-democracy laws during his time with RepresentUs and has planned countless events for political causes. When it comes to winning the hearts and minds of voters and crafting your messaging, you’re in great hands. For campaign management, our Political Director Jared Alper has managed dozens of campaigns for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, all the way from city council races to U.S. Senate campaigns. Jared’s here to help you refine your campaign strategy and find your superpower as a candidate to help you get across the finish line. 

Finally, Good Party helps campaigns thrive by boosting name recognition on social media. Our social media team has amassed over 85,000 followers across our channels, and we’re here to help get your name out there.

Let Good Party’s Volunteers Power Your Campaign

Our nation needs more inspirational, people-powered leaders that are ready to put country over party. Our goal at Good Party is to help leaders like you level up your campaign. It may sound too good to be true – but all of this comes at no cost to you. If you’re ready to run as a Good Party certified candidate and get access to our tools and community, let’s connect! You’ll get access to the AI Campaign Manager, expert support, and of course, Good Party’s expanding network of passionate volunteers.

As Rob Booth shared, “The journey in Nashville is just a glimpse of what’s possible when we rally around people-powered candidates.”


Ready to make a difference?

Learn about volunteer opportunities to support people-powered candidates running near you.
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By Emily Dexter
Emily Dexter is the content marketing coordinator at Good Party. Based in the Midwest, she brings a fresh perspective and editorial experience to the team.