What is Cronyism?

Definition and meaning of cronyism: Cronyism is a form of corrupt, undemocratic nepotism in which those in political power favor and reward their friends and family members with special treatment, privileges, and positions. It is an insidious form of patronage politics which undermines meritocracy by privileging personal relationships over qualifications, experience, and expertise. Cronyism is detrimental to the democratic process, as it distorts the political landscape by favoring certain individuals and groups over others, thus marginalizing those who are not part of the crony network.

Examples of cronyism include appointments to government positions, lucrative contracts, and special exemptions, all of which are handed out without regard to qualifications or merit. In order to combat cronyism and create a more equitable political system, it is necessary to reform the two-party system by electing more independent candidates and putting an end to the cycle of special favors and influence peddling.


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