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Creating Content to Generate Fundraising and Volunteers

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Colton Hess · Mar 22, 2023

Running a low-budget campaign can be challenging, but don't worry, there are ways to get the word out and generate support with an outsized impact in a low budget way. Organic social media content offers a big opportunity to help elevate the profile of your campaign and power it by bringing in fundraising and volunteers. Here are some tips on how to create content that will help:

Highlight the issues - Make sure people understand what you stand for, why, and what personal experiences you have with the issues at hand. Create to showcase the issues you care about, with facts and personal stories to back it up. Try to highlight the key themes that unite your policy stances across different areas, and don’t be afraid to take stances outside the mainstream if you are confident in your ability to back up your position.

Use video - Record personal videos making a direct appeal to your followers and whoever comes across your content. Videos help you seem more relatable and help people remember there is a real person behind the campaign. Using videos can help build trust over time, as people feel like they get to know you more.

Leverage big social media/cultural moments moments - When a major news event occurs that is relevant to a key plank/theme of your campaign, be sure to create thoughtful content about it as soon as possible. The earlier you get to the story, the more of a chance you’ll have to reach the right people looking for a candidate who will work on the issue at hand. For example, if Climate Change is central to your campaign and there is a record heatwave, put out content about how you will address climate change while in office and make an appeal for donations/support. However, on particularly sensitive topics, be thoughtful about not coming across as too opportunistic or as if you are capitalizing on tragedy.

Host virtual events - Get creative with online events, like virtual town halls or virtual trivia nights. All major social platforms have livestreaming features, and you can conduct a live fundraising, calling out people as the donations roll in like a modern telethon. This can help both show your campaigns momentum and bring in necessary funds.

Hold online competitions - See if you can encourage your followers to create something online (user generated content) or take an action in real life, and gamify it by making it a healthy competition. For example, give a shoutout to whomever puts out the content with the most engagement or to the person who knocks on the most doors for your campaign.

Highlight Specific Volunteer Opportunities - Offer specific, discrete opportunities for your supporters to get involved in a way that doesn’t seem overwhelming. Can they attend one textbanking/phonebanking session with you? Can they distribute door hangers one morning? People are more likely to commit to helping if they aren’t overwhelmed with the ask. Once you get your foot in the door, you can see how much they are willing to flex up as volunteers. 


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