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Top 10 Ways to Use Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager

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Emily Dexter · Sep 20, 2023

Running a campaign for political office is difficult work, but Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager is here to make it easier. From planning and execution all the way to celebration, here are the top ten ways non-partisan candidates can make use of the AI Campaign Manager’s offerings in 2023:

#1: Draft campaign materials instantly.

The AI Campaign Manager is designed to help first-time candidates launch effective campaigns, headache-free. Here’s how our artificial intelligence software gets you off the ground with starting campaign materials, ready immediately:

When you begin onboarding with Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager, you will be prompted to enter information about your campaign and candidacy. You can enter the top issues or policy priorities of your campaign, as well as background on your day job and previous experience. Based on this data, our generative AI tool creates a detailed campaign plan, including potential slogans, a “Why I’m Running” statement, and policy platform. All of these fields can be customized and made to fit your personality and style.

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#2: Develop a winning campaign plan.

After starting to visualize your campaign through instantly-generated materials, the next step toward success is to map out your campaign strategy. Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager gathers more information on the election, including what opponents you will face off against, and provides crucial information for your campaign strategy:

  • Learn how many votes you need to win your election.

  • Explore the partisan breakdown of your constituency, with recommendations for how many votes to secure from each group.

  • Define strategies for voter targeting and outreach.

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#3: See your progress in real time with the Campaign Tracker.

Throughout your campaign, make use of the Campaign Tracker tool to log your progress toward voter outreach goals. Easily keep track of the number of doors knocked, calls made, and online impressions formed with potential voters. See the progress you’ve made each week as well as over the course of your entire campaign.

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#4: Create compelling email marketing campaigns.

A big part of running a successful political campaign is creating and distributing effective marketing materials — and a big part of effective marketing relies on email. Email marketing propels your message directly into the inboxes of supporters, making it easier for voters and volunteers to stay up-to-date and engaged. The AI Campaign Manager includes templates to create four kinds of email campaigns through generative AI:

  • Community event invitations

  • Voter registration drive emails

  • Campaign update emails

  • Fundraising emails

All of these email marketing templates are fully customizable, letting you add a personal touch while getting the latest news and information out to voters.

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Free AI tools for your campaign

Take advantage of free AI tools to create compelling campaign materials
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#5: Generate press releases to increase name recognition.

Writing press releases is a powerful way to build candidate name recognition and attract the attention of local media outlets. The AI Campaign Manager lets candidates take advantage of this effective strategy without needing to hire a writer or invest in the time to develop a press release themselves. Draft press releases in seconds, and then edit as you please before sending them off to newspapers, journalists, and other media outlets.

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#6: Draft tailored social media posts to connect with voters.

Modern campaigning requires candidates to meet voters where they already are, including on social media. But maintaining engaging and frequently-updated social media profiles can take more time and energy than some might think. Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager includes AI tools that can generate social media copy quickly and easily, shortening the window between initial idea and final post.

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#7: Write scripts and speeches to connect with your community.

With AI-powered automation, you can draft scripts and speeches to help both you and your team of volunteers connect authentically with voters and supporters. Here are four essential scripts and speeches the AI Campaign Manager can create for your campaign:

  • Door knocking scripts, designed to help volunteers consistently and efficiently engage with community members during door-to-door canvassing efforts

  • Launch video scripts, helpful for creating a strong first impression 

  • Launch speeches, perfect for initial campaign events 

  • Religious assembly introductions, a great option for further getting to know your future constituents while seeking diverse perspectives

In addition, the AI Campaign Manager can generate assets for meet-and-greet events. These events are another wonderful opportunity to get to know your community members, letting them know you care about their needs and opinions and will work on their behalf during your time in office.

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#8: Generate campaign website outlines with ease.

Building a campaign website is a critical step to raising awareness about your campaign and making it easier for supporters to donate, volunteer, and get involved with your campaign. Whether you have the budget to hire a website designer or are handling this important task yourself, having an outline for your campaign website is a great first step toward taking advantage of this campaign strategy. Good Party’s generative AI software ensures that your campaign website aligns with the rest of your campaign messaging.

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#9: Explore expert-built resources, from campaign finance to team building.

Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager provides easy-to-follow steps to set your campaign on the right path in terms of campaign finances and financial reporting. Our Resources Library also offers expert advice on campaign messaging strategy, building a strong campaign team, social media strategy, fundraising, and voter outreach.

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#10: Boost campaign awareness through a personalized candidate profile page.

Candidates who use Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager agree to certain criteria for running a clean, people-powered, and anti-corruption campaign. These candidates can then advertise themselves as Good Party certified, and they receive a Good Party candidate profile page to complement their own candidate websites. Your profile page features five important elements, helping to boost name recognition and voters’ awareness of your campaign:

  • The victory tracker uses data from your Campaign Tracker to predict how many votes you would likely receive if the election were to occur today — inspiring more voters to line up in support of your campaign.

  • Your campaign overview gives visitors a quick way to see your most important policy priorities.

  • Under the “issues” tab, voters can learn about the issues you support on a more in-depth level.

  • A list of endorsements improves your campaign’s credibility and lets voters know what organizations and community members stand behind your mission.

  • A detailed candidate info section allows voters to get to know your background, why you are running for office, and how your past experience has influenced your candidacy.

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In addition to these AI-powered tools, candidates running their campaigns with Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager get access to advice and guidance from our battle-tested team of political experts — plus support from a nationwide team of passionate volunteers. Best of all, Good Party’s tech and tools are currently completely free for independent, non-partisan, and third-party candidates. 

We’re using campaign technology to bring people back to the center of politics, rather than money or partisan interests. Ready to become part of the movement for change? Get a demo or start onboarding with Good Party’s AI Campaign Manager today.


Free AI tools for your campaign

Take advantage of free AI tools to create compelling campaign materials
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By Emily Dexter
Emily Dexter is the content marketing coordinator at Good Party. Based in the Midwest, she brings a fresh perspective and editorial experience to the team.