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Kieryn McCann
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Volunteer Spotlight: Kieryn McCann, Remote Volunteer and Local Candidate

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Kieryn McCann
Emily Dexter · Aug 24, 2023

Good Party’s growing network of volunteers helped bring candidate Terry Vo to victory in Nashville, Tennessee’s race for city council. Of that network, one remote volunteer, Kieryn McCann, stood out as especially dedicated to the cause of making people matter more than money in politics. Here’s how McCann made an impact on Nashville, while also planning to make a difference in per hometown of McPherson, Kansas.

Kieryn McCann participated in all three direct voter contact actions that took place during the Nashville campaign. McCann donated per time to participate in phone banking, text banking, and boosting pieces of candidate-focused content on social media. Per biggest impact was through text banking, where McCann responded to 313 Nashville voters and helped supply 75 voters with additional information about the candidates and early voting.

McCann’s efforts helped Good Party’s volunteer team to lower the average time it took to respond to Nashville voters — an important metric for building connections and raising professionalism. McCann connected voters with the resources they needed to make informed decisions at the polls, while increasing awareness of Good Party certified candidates.

“I really enjoyed the experience of text banking the most,” McCann said. Per appreciated how streamlined the text banking process was, and how it allowed time for per to locate the resources needed to best support voters. McCann said it was easy to feel like “I’m making an actual difference in the political landscape.”

McCann first learned about Good Party on TikTok, and then discovered the community and tools Good Party offers non-partisan candidates. After that, per joined Good Party’s Discord community and became interested in the volunteer opportunities available there. McCann is running for office perself in McPherson, and has begun using Good Party’s suite of tools to advance per campaign. Per decided to run for city commissioner of public lands after realizing how divided the community was on important issues.

“I’m running unaffiliated because I believe we’re all neighbors,” McCann said. “We all live here together. We all deserve sidewalks that we can walk on. We deserve a community that we’re proud of. I’m really just trying to get us to come together and invest in the streets and the facilities that surround us and be neighbors again.”

As city commissioner, McCann said per would advocate for investments in native biodiversity and conservative stewardship of the city’s lands, especially in light of recent drought conditions. McCann said elements of Good Party’s campaigns in Nashville resonated with per values.

Terry’s win genuinely was inspiring. I felt that win personally,” per said.

As both a volunteer and a candidate, McCann exemplifies the mission of Good Party — seeking to unify instead of divide and striving to empower and represent. If you’d like to get involved with Good Party and start making a difference in your community, join the Discord community, sign up for our weekly newsletter, or sign up for an info session. There are plenty of ways to become part of Good Party’s movement to end America’s political dysfunction! We would not be able to do the work we do without the support of our dedicated volunteers.

Photo Credit: The Empowerment Studio


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Kieryn McCann
By Emily Dexter
Emily Dexter is the content marketing coordinator at Good Party. Based in the Midwest, she brings a fresh perspective and editorial experience to the team.