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Your Complete Guide to Voter Registration in Durham, North Carolina

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Emily Dexter · Aug 25, 2023

Registering to vote in Durham, North Carolina is now easier than ever, thanks to online voter registration. Registering to vote allows Durham residents to have a say in the future of their community, and empowers you to select your next local leaders. 

Voter Registration Deadlines for Durham’s City Elections

In order to vote in Durham’s upcoming municipal elections, you need to register to vote at least 25 days ahead of voting day. Here are the deadlines to register to vote in Durham’s primary and general elections:

  • To vote in the Oct. 10, 2023 municipal primary and election, you must register to vote by Friday, Sept. 15.

  • To vote in the Nov. 7, 2023 municipal election, you must register to vote by Friday, Oct. 13.

How to Register to Vote Online in Durham

Registering to vote in North Carolina is easy with online voter registration. This option is available to all existing customers of the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You are an existing DMV customer if you have a North Carolina driver’s license or another form of DMV-issued identification.

To register to vote online, visit the myNCDMV website and log in. You can also register on your mobile device by downloading the myNCDMV app, available on the App Store and Google Play. Either way, registering to vote online is completely free. You can also update your address or party affiliation. If you’ve ever thought of registering as an independent voter, now is the time to do it!

After you submit your voter registration application online, the North Carolina State Board of Elections will review your application. The Board will contact you if there are any issues with your application. This processing stage is why it is essential to register to vote 25 days ahead of any upcoming election. 

The deadline to register to vote in Durham’s city election is Sept. 15, 2023. If you are not sure whether you are registered to vote, you can check your voter registration here.

Other Ways to Register to Vote in Durham

If you are not an existing DMV customer or do not wish to register to vote online, there are other options available. Here are three more ways you can register to vote or update your registration information:

#1: Register to Vote or Update Your Registration Information By Mail

If you would rather mail in your registration application than complete it online, look no further. North Carolina residents can print out the application, fill in all required fields, and send the application by mail if they wish to do any of the following tasks:

  • Register to vote, including for the first time in Durham County

  • Update your name or address

  • Update your party affiliation

To register or update your information by mail, follow these steps:

  1. Download the application form. You can download the form here in English or Spanish.

  2. Fill in all required fields.

  3. Print the completed application.

  4. Sign the application. If this is your first time registering to vote in Durham County, you must sign the physical, printed-out form with ink.

  5. Mail your completed application to the Durham County Board of Elections using this address: P.O. Box 868, Durham, NC 27702.

You also have the option of hand delivering the completed form to the Durham County Board of Elections at 201 N. Roxboro St., Durham, NC 27701.

#2: Update Your Registration Information Via Email or Fax

If this is not your first time registering to vote in Durham County and you wish to update your registration information, you can fill out the same form above — whether in English or Spanish — and email or fax the completed form to the Durham County Board of Elections. You can update your name, address, or party affiliation this way. Email your completed form to or fax it to 919-560-0688.

#3: Register to Vote Using Same Day Voter Registration

One final way to register to vote is through same day voter registration, sometimes also called one-stop early voting. This occurs during early voting. For the upcoming municipal election in Durham, early voting will run from Thursday, Sept. 21 to Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023. This method of voter registration allows you to register to vote and then immediately cast your ballot.

To use same day voter registration, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and go to your early voting location during early voting hours.

  2. Bring with you a document displaying proof of residency. Acceptable documents include: 

    1. a North Carolina driver’s license

    2. another form of government-issued photo ID

    3. a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document showing your current name and address

    4. a current college or university photo ID paired with proof that you live on campus

  3. At your early voting location, fill out the voter registration application and follow the direction of the poll workers.

Afterward, the Durham County Board of Elections will review your application within two business days. Your ballot will be counted unless the Board determines that you are not legally eligible to vote.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Voter Registration

Below are answers to some other common questions about voter registration in North Carolina:

 #1: How do I register to vote if I’m a college student?

Voting while you’re a college or university student can sometimes be confusing. Which address should you use to register to vote — the address of your college, or the address of your previous home? For students who attend college in a different county from their previous home, ask yourself this question before updating your voter registration: following graduation, where do you plan to live? If you plan to move back home after graduation, the state of North Carolina recommends staying registered under your original address. If you do not plan to return home, you should update your registration to vote in the county where you attend college. If you are unsure of your plans after graduation, you may choose either option.

#2: Can I register to vote if I’m a convicted felon in the criminal justice system?

In North Carolina, convicted felons lose the right to vote until they have completed their sentence. This can include time in prison or jail, any period of probation, post-release supervision, or parole associated with a felony sentence. Once you have completed your sentence, your right to vote is restored and you may register to vote.

#3: How do I pre-register to vote if I’m under 18 years old?

You must be 18 years old or older to register to vote in North Carolina. However, if you are 16 or 17 years old, you have the option of pre-registering to vote. Once you pre-register, your application will be processed as soon as you turn 18. Visit this page for more information on pre-registering to vote.

#4: How do I start a voter registration drive?

Organizing a voter registration drive is an excellent way to get out the vote and encourage more people to participate in local elections. Before you begin your drive, read the Durham County Board of Elections’ guidelines for voter registration drives here. You can then pick up 200 voter registration forms or fewer at 201 N. Roxboro St., Durham, NC 27701. If you want to pick up more than 200 voter registration forms, fill out this online request form. Remember that all completed forms must be signed by the registrant, and that you must return all completed forms to the Durham County Board of Elections office as promptly as possible.

How Registering to Vote Can Make a Real Difference

Registering to vote is a crucial step toward becoming a more active citizen and making your voice heard in local elections. In Durham, North Carolina, it is incredibly important to register to vote ahead of the Oct. 10, 2023 city elections. If you want a say in who will lead Durham and shape the city’s future, now is the time to register and make a plan to vote! If you want to get further involved, consider volunteering with to support people-powered candidates running for office in Durham.


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