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How to Run for Mayor in Pomona, California

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Pomona Politics Team · Nov 9, 2023

Taking the leap to compete for the Mayoral seat is a significant move towards making tangible change in your city. What does the journey to office entail? This guide will delve into the essential aspects of campaigning for the Mayoral role in Pomona, California, with tips to help you develop a compelling local campaign.

Understanding the Role of Mayor

First, let’s dive into some essential insights about the Mayoral role:

  • What responsibilities does a Mayor have? As the municipality's chief executive, the Mayor oversees council meetings and has the authority to appoint or dismiss department heads.

  • What level of government does the Pomona Mayor serve? The Pomona Mayor serves at the municipal level.

  • Does the Mayor's role align with a particular party? The Mayor's role is filled through a nonpartisan election.

  • Is the Mayorship a full-time commitment? The Mayor's role is classified as part-time work.

For a deeper grasp of the role, it can also be beneficial to learn about the endeavors and successes of current and former Mayors.

Qualifications to Run for Pomona Mayor

Are you eligible to run for Pomona Mayor? The following are the primary criteria for running for Mayor in Pomona, California:

Eligibility hinges on U.S. citizenship and being a qualified voter within the city. 

Campaigns for elected positions often also necessitate a certain number of voter signatures. The campaign filing stipulations for Pomona City Mayor are as follows:

The filing fee is capped at $25. The petition must garner between 20 to 30 signatures from registered voters.

The filing office is at 12400 Imperial Hwy, Norwalk, CA 90650, and can be reached at 800-815-2666. Candidate paperwork should be submitted to the county clerk's office.

How the Pomona Mayor Is Elected

When and how does the election of the Pomona City Mayor occur? Here's what you need to know:

  • When is the Pomona Mayor's next election? The next election for Mayor is set for the General Municipal Election on November 5, 2024.

  • What is the election cycle for the Pomona City Mayor? Elections for Mayor occur every four years.

  • Which other positions will be contested in the General Municipal Election? Alongside the Mayor, three City Council seats will also be up for grabs.

For comprehensive election details, visit your local government's official website.

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Steps to Run for Mayor in Pomona

Mounting a viable campaign for Mayor can be daunting. Fortunately,’s AI Campaign Manager is on hand to streamline your efforts.

Here's a roadmap to steer your campaign strategy in the right direction, with insights on how the AI Campaign Manager can bolster your campaign:

  1. Get to grips with the unique needs and backdrop of your community. Delve into the local history, demographic makeup, and pressing issues. The AI Campaign Manager from can expedite this process with in-depth local voter data.

  2. Develop your campaign strategy. Assemble a team that complements your strengths and strategize voter engagement leading up to the election. can provide specialized assistance for impactful voter outreach.

  3. Ensure compliance with all candidacy requirements. Plan for signature collection and the completion of all financial documentation. The AI Campaign Manager can guide you through the intricacies of campaign finance.

  4. Craft compelling campaign messaging. Cohesive and impactful messaging is the cornerstone of any successful political campaign. The AI Campaign Manager’s tools can instantly produce drafts for everything from policy announcements to social media updates on election day.

  5. Cultivate a robust digital footprint. Create a user-friendly campaign website and foster online engagement.’s AI resources can help design your website's framework and generate social media content to spotlight your campaign.

  6. Pursue active voter engagement. Spread your message through direct canvassing, text campaigns, and local events. The AI Campaign Manager enables efficient tracking of your outreach activities.

  7. Mobilize your volunteer base. Energize your supporters by offering them effective avenues for participation. connects certified candidates with a national volunteer network ready to assist with phone and text banking, among other awareness-raising tactics.

  8. Maximize voter turnout. Local elections are significantly influenced by voter turnout, making it crucial to motivate your base to vote in the General Municipal Election, especially those casting their ballots for the first time.’s campaign resources provide expert guidance for your voter mobilization strategy.

Reasons to Run for Pomona City Mayor

Why should you consider a bid for the Mayoral seat? Here are three compelling reasons to run for Pomona Mayor:

  • Campaigning for Mayor empowers you to be the voice of your community. In office, you can address the concerns of your constituents and seek impactful resolutions. You'll ensure that your community's interests are well-represented at the municipal level.

  • A Mayoral run allows you to champion critical local issues. Whatever you most care about at the local level, a campaign provides a platform to highlight your concerns and, upon election, to initiate substantive change.

  • Your candidacy gives voters more options. Entering the race offers an alternative to the electorate, which is particularly significant when challenging incumbents.

In essence, campaigning for Mayor is a profound way to serve your community and foster a thriving democracy.

Resources to Help You Run for Mayor

Are you ready to run for Pomona Mayor? stands ready to support you throughout your campaign journey, from your initial decision to the culmination of your campaign on election day. We back independent, third-party, and nonpartisan candidates nationwide. Contact us to discover how’s free tools and services can propel your Mayoral campaign in Pomona.

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Planning a run for office?

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