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Why you should run for office in Portland in 2023

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Jack Nagel · Feb 3, 2023


Running for office is a challenging but immensely rewarding experience. A lot is on the ballot in 2023, but this year can be a fresh start for government in Portalnd by electing independent leaders. If you’re ready to go already, let’s talk about your potential campaign and how Good Party can help. But if you’re just thinking about it, here’s the state of play, why you should reconsider a run, and why Portalnd needs good independent candidates:

The Opportunity:

As a candidate, you will have the opportunity to run for one of four open seats in Portland. Two are district specific: Council member districts 4 and 5. The other two are city-wide, mayor and council member at-large.

These seats are wide open, so they're winnable for an independent who doesn't have support from a major party--but that makes things more difficult because voters won't know who they're voting for on Election Day unless they've heard about you before. That’s where Good Party comes in – we can help you get the word out for free.

Why Good, Independent candidates can win

As an independent candidate you're already in a great spot with voters. Nearly 1/3 of all voters in Portland identify as independent. This means that if you run for office in 2023 and win, your election would be more than just symbolic--it could actually make policy change happen with a popular mandate!

Portlanders are young compared to the rest of the state--32% of Portland residents are between 18-34 years old (another 15% are under 18). Young people aren't just the future; they're also one of America's most loudly independent coalitions in this country: over 40% don't affiliate with either major political party. And even though most politicians think they need to run as Democrats or Republicans to get elected, Portland has some favorable rules specifically designed to support independents: The upcoming elections will be non-partisan (meaning candidates don't run with party labels attached to their names), and ranked choice voting will ensure that whoever wins must earn 50%+1 votes from voters instead of appealing only to small partisan coalitions.

Why Good, Independent candidates need to run

The city of Portland is facing a lot of challenges. The cost of housing, homelessness, opioid addiction and rising crime all require fresh perspective and out-of-the-box solutions from independent leaders who are not beholden to any political party or special interest group.

Even outgoing Mayor Kate Snyder admits it: city government and Portland politics have become too divisive, partisan and hostile.

Good Party's here to help

Good Party is not a political party, but a tech company that helps good independent and 3rd party candidates run for office and win. We provide expert knowledge and campaign tools for candidates for free. If you're considering a run for office, already running or just want to learn more book a time with our team here.


If you're passionate about politics and want to see change in Portland, we encourage you to run for office. We know it can be intimidating at first, but with our help there are many ways that you can get started today. If you have any questions or would like more information about how Good Party can help your campaign, please don't hesitate to contact us!


How to Run for Office
By Jack Nagel
I lead the marketing team at Good Party. After watching Bernie Sanders get squashed by the Democrat party twice, I knew I needed to get involved in giving outsiders a chance in American politics. I bring entrepreneurship and startup experience to our insurgent team at Good Party, helping us find sustainable ways to grow.