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10 Things to Expect in’s Discord

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Emily Dexter · Oct 3, 2023

In July 2023, launched its Discord server, a place where political independents from around the country can join in meaningful discussions and get involved in the work is doing. Since then, hundreds of members from across the United States have joined.’s mission is to make people matter more than money in our democracy, and gathering on Discord is one way we are building community and coming together for change.

Thinking about joining the party on Discord? Here are the top 10 things to expect once you join’s Discord server:

#1: Lively Political Discussion’s Discord server was built to be a place for engaging, intelligent, and above all civil conversation about all things politics. All levels of discussion are welcome, from deep dives into specific topics to casual jokes and efforts to get to know one another better.’s team moderates all channels to preserve a respectful and welcoming atmosphere. The server is home to people of many identities and from all across the political spectrum, so dignity and respect are essential to having productive conversations.

#2: Meme Contests

Weekly meme contests provide a fun and easy way to get involved with Each week, Discord members get to vote on a meme template, and participants then compete to create the best political meme. The winner is crowned at the end of the competition, giving them a chance to glory in their success. Memes shared in the Discord also have the opportunity to be featured on’s social media channels.

#3: Live Events

Frequent live events give’s Discord members a chance to connect in real time, learn more about the movement for political reform, and celebrate important milestones together. Recent live events hosted in Discord include happy hours, meme-making workshops, and free access to live streams of sessions from the American Democracy Summit. Members also enjoy gathering on Discord for election night parties on days of important elections around the country. All live events are announced ahead of time, so members can plan ahead and choose which events they want to participate in.

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Connect with like-minded people passionate about reforming our dysfunctional political system
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#4: Volunteer Opportunities’s Discord frequently offers remote volunteer opportunities for independent thinkers around the United States. In the lead-up to Nashville, Tennessee’s municipal elections, for instance, volunteers in’s Discord contributed to phone banking and text banking efforts, helping to get out the vote and support independent candidates in Nashville.’s mobilization team provides easy-to-follow training for all volunteers. The process is also designed to make use of however much time volunteers are willing to give. From a few minutes to a few hours, there are plenty of ways to donate your time to a good cause!

#5: Questions of the Week

Each week,’s moderators provide a new question of the week to inspire discussion around important topics. What areas of political policy matter the most to you and why? How do you feel about current events and the latest news from Capitol Hill? What would you do if you were an elected official? Questions of the week touch on subjects like these and more, encouraging members to think more deeply about their beliefs and how they can make a difference.

#6: Welcome Materials

New to, new to Discord, or new to both? No worries! Joining’s Discord is an easy-to-follow process, and our team has created resources to both introduce you to’s mission and help you understand how Discord works. Questions are also always welcome!

#7: Information on Independent Candidates

In addition to independent voters and reform-minded thinkers from around the country,’s Discord server is also home to some incredible independent candidates running in local races. Joining the Discord lets members engage with these candidates, both through live events and asynchronous chat, as well as learn more about’s full slate of Certified candidates. We also have resources and support available for independents who are considering running for office themselves.

#8: Informal Writing Workshops

The written word has power, both to develop and share great ideas. That’s why one of the channels in’s Discord is dedicated to discussing articles, drafts of users’ writing, and all things writerly. Jump in and share your work to get feedback and encouragement, or share what you’ve been reading lately. This corner of the Discord is all about sharing and cultivating innovative ideas!

#9: Easy Access to’s Socials and Blog Content

Members of’s Discord can opt to get notifications when posts on our social media channels and blog. That way, you never miss what’s happening. Staying up to date with is a great way both to support our work and to engage with the democracy reform movement.

#10: Merch Giveaways

Merch giveaways are an exciting part of the Discord experience. From hats to stickers, Discord members can enter competitions to win free, exclusive merch.

Ready to join’s Discord and become part of the action? Sign up for the Discord here, and be sure to introduce yourself once you’re in!

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Connect with like-minded people passionate about reforming our dysfunctional political system
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By Emily Dexter
Emily Dexter is the content marketing coordinator at Good Party. Based in the Midwest, she brings a fresh perspective and editorial experience to the team.