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How to Find Your Ward and Voting Precinct in Durham, North Carolina

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Emily Dexter · Sep 1, 2023

If you’re a voter in Durham, North Carolina, it’s important to know both your ward and voting precinct. Your ward determines who represents you on Durham’s city council, and your voting precinct determines where you can vote on election day. Learn how to find out what ward and voting precinct you live in to prepare for Durham’s upcoming municipal elections on Oct. 10 and Nov. 7.

How to Find Your City Council Ward in Durham

While some other cities have city council districts, Durham is divided into three wards, each with its own city council representative:

  • Ward 1 covers central and North Durham, and is currently represented by councilmember DeDreana Freeman.

  • Ward 2 covers East Durham, and is currently represented by councilmember Mark-Anthony Middleton.

  • Ward 3 covers West Durham, and is currently represented by councilmember Leonardo Williams.

Check out this interactive map of the three city council wards in Durham. No matter which ward you belong to, you can vote in Durham’s city elections for the city’s mayor and three open at-large city council seats. These three at-large council members will represent all of Durham, as opposed to representing one specific ward.

How to Find Your Voting Precinct in Durham

The city and county of Durham include over 50 voting precincts. Which voting district you live in determines where your polling place will be on election day. You can check out this interactive map of all of Durham’s voting precincts, or you can enter your address here to find your specific polling location.

The boundaries of Durham’s voting precincts have been newly adjusted for 2023. Precincts 30-1, 33, and 35.3 have all been split into multiple new voting precincts in response to continued population growth. Meanwhile, Precincts 39 and 48 have been consolidated into one new precinct, Precinct 56. For more information on these precinct adjustments, visit the Durham County Board of Elections’ website here.

Get Involved In Durham Politics

Once you know what ward and voting precinct you live in, you have the information you need to participate more fully in the life and politics of your local government. Here are a few easy ways to be a more active citizen in Durham, North Carolina:

#1: Get ready to vote in Durham’s upcoming municipal elections! 

Durham’s municipal primary and election is on Oct. 10, and the municipal general election is on Nov. 7. In addition to finding your polling location, make sure you are registered to vote ahead of the upcoming deadlines. To vote on Oct. 10, you must either be registered to vote by Sept. 15 or participate in same day voter registration during early voting. For more information on voter registration in Durham, read Good Party’s complete guide to voter registration

#2: Stay up-to-date with the latest news in Durham politics.

One easy way to stay current with news about people-powered political candidates in Durham is to sign up for Good Party’s weekly newsletter. You’ll get updates on Good Party certified candidates running for local office in Durham, plus ways to get involved with our growing community of change-makers.

#3: Make an impact by volunteering in Durham with Good Party.

Volunteering with Good Party is an easy and effective way to make a difference in your community — pushing back against political dysfunction and supporting non-partisan, anti-corruption candidates. We have opportunities for you to volunteer both in person in Durham and remotely.


Knowing your local representatives and polling location is a great first step toward becoming more politically aware and involved in your community. You have what it takes to make a positive impact in Durham! To learn more and get ready for Durham’s upcoming municipal elections, check out our 2023 Durham voter guide here.

Image Credit: Chuck Givens


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By Emily Dexter
Emily Dexter is the content marketing coordinator at Good Party. Based in the Midwest, she brings a fresh perspective and editorial experience to the team.